TOOGG INDUSTRY LIMITED(DOTPCB) is a professional pcb manufacturer, who specialize in supplying 1-22 layers fast-turn around manufacture service from prototype and small & middle volume pcb in communication network, aviation, monitor, industrial control, electric power and energy sources, national defense, etc.

Adhering to the management idea of “Putting the customers first and forging ahead” and the principle of “Customer first”, we provide quality services. Your patronage is welcome!

PCB types

Gold plated PCB, tin plated PCB, immersion gold/silver/tin PCB, nickel-gold plated PCB, half-hole PCB, gold finger PCB, OSP board, carbon oil PCB, thick copper coil PCB, high TG PCB, Rogers HF PCB, high thermal conductivity aluminum PCB, blind and buried vias PCB, impedance control PCB and HDI PCB, as well as via holes, peelable adhesive, electrically conductive adhesive and all types and different colors of light-sensitive printing ink as required by customers.

Fast delivery service

We provide customers with fast delivery service by shortening the delivery time to the greatest extent based on the order amount upon the confirmation of drawings.

Compliance with all PCB standards

We have updated our technology and equipment to offer RoHS-compliant products. All the products meet the IPC standards. We strictly adhere to the IS0 9001:2000 quality management system and UL authentication to ensure the uniform quality and reliable safety.

Worldwide Services

At present, we provide products mainly to customers in China and other countries in Asia, the Middle East, America, Africa and Europe.

What we do: Our knowledge, experienced staff is ready for the challenge. Our dedicated team has the experience and the sense of urgency to ensure that high quality printed circuit boards meet the IPC-A-600 F (Class2) standard, be it prototype or production. We produce boards Per Your Specifications and deliver On Time. We welcome your comments, please feel free to let us know If you have any questions or need assistance, we are only a call or an Email away. Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to working with you.